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Yin yoga et bol chantants planétaires 

QUAND: 9 décembre
HORAIRE: 9h30 à 11h30
PRIX: 50.-
OU: YogaFabrik

Le yin yoga, issu des principes du yoga taoïste, mise sur des étirements de longue durée,
combinant une respiration lente et profonde. Grâce au temps de tenue des poses et à
l’utilisation de la simple gravité comme levier de résistance, vous vivrer une expérience
méditative complète, apprendrez à lâcher prise et à prendre véritablement conscience du
moment présent.
Le tout magnifiquement accompagné par les Bols Chantants Planétaires d’Aline.
Une méditation sonore guidée par les fréquences vibratoires des Bols Chantants, un voyage
au cœur de son être pour s’offrir, l’espace d’un instant une profonde reconnexion avec soi en music. 
Aline fera un tirage de carte à la fin du workshop.

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QUAND: 1 décembre
HORAIRE: 13h30 - 16h30
PRIX: 85.-
OU: YogaFabrik


We have a power within the core of our body Both in Vedic and Chines Philosophy it is referred to as a fire. But how to we ignite and turn that fire up ?
I have spend the last 8 years studying intensively in the arts of Yoga Kungfu Healing and taoism to best understand that witch cannot be seen.

This is a introduction to some of the most powerful techniques i have come across in my years living in temples and Ashrams around the world some of the techniques took me month of daly training and practice before they where revealed to me, and you get to experience them right here and now .

The workshop will be as following
Theory :Introduction talk on Prana/qi(energy) 7layers of the human existence
Practical :The Subtle energy The energy of sounds unlock the power within Guided deep rest and relaxation
Theory : About female and male every yin/yang theory
Theory : How to manage the Modulations of the mind
Practical :Healing qigong Meditation

This workshop is for you if you are ready
To explore your physical and energetic body
Go deeper into your practice.
Getting a glimpse of who you really are.
Unlock your superpowers.
Increase lung capacity.

About the Teacher
At the age of 21, I took it as my mission to guide people and share with them techniques that can make their body strong, mind calm and heart pure.
In order to do this, I had to spend 3 years assisting teachers and undergoing strict requirements, Following some of the most intense course in yoga meditation inc a 3 month period where 30 days was in silence.
As I grew older I was curious to see and experience Qigong and Taichi. It took me 6 months of searching before I found my master, and lived and trained with him in the temple for 7
months. One day I was asked to now move back to the real world and share these techniques. And here I am. I have trained more than 2000 people world wide ranking from
Profesional Athelats . Business Professionals, Prisoners Victims of war, and of course your average hipsters. Common for all my students is The curiosity to explore them self and go deeper.

Nicolai teaches in english

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QUAND: Samedi 17 novembre
HORAIRE: Part 1, 10h00 à 12h30, part 2, 13h30 à 16h00
PRIX: 75.- par workshop / 130.- pour les deux
LIEU: YogaFabrik

Join Nico Luce on the path to greater awareness, true power and inner peace by discovering the rich philosophy from ancient China as taught in the Tao Te Ching. Learn how to refine your yoga practice both on and off the mat by incorporating Taoist principles, precise alignment, powerful breathing techniques and strong yet fluid transitions that lead to a state of stillness.

Part 1: Inside. Refining skills on alignment & action. Take your asana practice to the next level by incorporating key biomechanical principles that will lead you into a deeper sense of stability and lightness. This workshop focused and spinal mobility will give you the tools to build a solid foundation, a powerful core integration and easeful expression in any backbend.

Part 2: Outside. Taoist philosophy teaches us to embrace this journey with everything life has to offer. This workshop is dedicated to celebrating the pulsation of life within and around us. Let's use the yoga practice to unveil this powerful truth and feel radiantly alive while dancing between hip openers, spinal twists and some fun arm-balancing poses.

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Nico teaches in english

WEEK-ENDS DU YOGA (30.9.2018)

Nous avons le plaisir de vous communiquer les dates des week-ends du yoga d'octobre à décembre:

Une pratique de 90 min, plus intense, profonde et bienveillante.
Pas besoin de s'inscrire, cours inclus dans votre abonnement, cours unique 30.-

7 vinyasa
14 vinyasa
21 yin & vinyasa
28 yin & vinyasa

4 vinyasa
25 vinyasa & kirtan (chant accompagné d'harmonium)

2 vinyasa
15 yin

!! Prends le temps de faire les choses qui remplissent ton âmes de joie !!


QUAND: 28 octobre - 25 novembre - 27 janvier 2019 - 17 février 2019
HORAIRE: de 10h30 à 11h15
PRIX: gratuit

OU: Musée d'Histoire Naturelle Neuchâtel

Dès 4 ans, Yoga Fabrik propose un voyage polaire où les ours, manchos, pingouins et boeufs musqués seront à l'honneur.

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