Sara Barbieri

Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Post natal, Pré natal

I discovered yoga and Pilates years ago while dancing professionally in the theatre. From there I went on a long personal journey which involved both developing skills for performing arts and building competence as a teacher.

In over 15 years of professional experience, I have learned from and practiced with many knowledgeable and inspirational teachers.
In my classes I use a contemporary approach which incorporates wisdom from modern science. My curiosity lies in building and reinforcing the connection between the mind and the body, paying attention to how we move and where our mind wanders. I am passionate about exploring research, reading books and questioning many myths of our movement culture. My interest has led me to regularly attend the workshops of Prof. Stuart McGill, to
whom I owe my knowledge and understanding of spine health and biomechanics.

We are all unique. Everyone has a different history, postural habits and personal goals.
Whether teaching yin, vinyasa, pre/postnatal yoga or Pilates, I see every class as an opportunity to help my students achieve rewarding and meaningfuls steps on their own path.

Yoga and Pilates education:
2005-2010 Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Pilates (mat and reformer) mentoring by Irena Bartolec;
2011-2012 Pilates Mat and Reformer education with Asja Petersen;
2012-2013 200h Vinyasa Flow Yoga TT with Nina Vukas;
2012-2018 Rebecca Leone Education Conspiracy, Pilates education;
2018 85h Prenatal Yoga TT with Sue Elkind;
2018-2019 McGill Method Level 1, 2, 3, Back Mechanic – Working with the back-pained client with Joel Proskowitz;
2018 - continuing education 300h Yin Yoga TT with Josh Summers;

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