Plant medicine and Bhakti immersion

Friday Nov 15
20h-22h30 Cacao Ceremony Seyon

Saturday Nov 16
10h-13h Japa meditation, rituals and lifestyle Côte
20h-22h30 Hapé Ceremony Seyon

Sunday Nov 17
10h-13h Detox and Unlock: Myofascial Release and Restoration Seyon


Cacao Ceremony

With the warm elixir of cacao, you will invite in the space for deeper self inquiry and assistance in the struggles we are internalising. There are so many layers to discover that can never been seen with the eyes, but only felt with the heart.

I look forward to sharing its magic and wisdom. It is the believed that awakening to our own truth, power, and love, can not be taught exclusively through telling someone, but by giving them the space, tools, guidance and shelter of safety, integrity, and genuine care to discover it and feel it within.

These spaces are open to everyone from different background, belief system, or experience level.

Hapé Ceremony

Hapé is a rare and sacred shamanic snuff powder from South America and is primarily found in Brazil and Peru.

In this session we will dance between the worlds of action and inaction, movement and stillness, sound and silence, light and dark. We will find that calm centre within and root in it, taking hold. Experience the quite mind and connect into the infinite wisdom of Plant Life and their Sacred Songs.

You need no experience, no expectations, and no clear plan. What you do need is an open heart, an intention that whispers to you, and the willingness to step into your own magic.

Japa meditation, stories, philosophy and chanting

Learn more about Bhakti Yoga, what that is and what it means. In this workshop we will go through Japa Meditation, who it is for and its effects, dive into the Bhakti philosophy and stories and holy dhams (spiritual abodes) of India and understand why these sites are of rare energy. We will look into how we can live a lifestyle that combines the principles of bhakti yoga and our everyday life and we will invite in the Bhakti love and devotion through chanting.

Detox and Unlock: Myofascial Release and Restoration

In this workshop we will use various props to identify problematic trigger points and work out tension and tightness that limits range of motion or creates toxic build up. A regular myofascial practice could dramatically alter the way one moves though the day as well as greatly improve over- all health.



Cacao or Hapé Ceremony: 55fr each

Japa (...) or Detox (...)workshop: 70fr each


Whole weekend: 230fr

2 workshops: 120fr

2 ceremonies: 110fr

1workshop+1ceremony: 120fr